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            Mainly used in urban central heating, wind photoelectric absorption, spiritual peak shaving transformation of power plants, nuclear power plant start-up boiler, commercial production heat.

            WNS type three return boiler

            WNS series fuel gas boiler adopts electromechanical integrated structure, which has the advantages of generous appearance, compact structure, less space occupation, convenient transportation and less capital investment. It not only follows the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, but also meets the heat energy required for the project.


            WNS type condensing boiler

            WNS integrated condensing boiler has the characteristics of combustion cleaning, non-pollution, convenient operation, sufficient output, full fuel combustion and high thermal efficiency.


            ZR1 series central hot water unit

            The installation and use of the central hot water unit can be placed wherever you see fit. No need to invest in building a separate boiler room.


            ZR2 central hot water unit

            The installation and use of the central hot water unit can be placed wherever you see fit. No need to invest in building a separate boiler room.




            The steam supplied by industrial boilers is generally used for both power generation and production power. Traditionally, industrial boilers still account for the majority of coal. With the continuous enhancement of environmental and energy-saving





            Reasons and methods for the boiler to clean the water level gauge regularly

            The water in the boiler is vaporized and heated at high temperature, and the loss of water and steam is large. It is necessary to continuously replenish the water to keep the water level in the boiler at a certain height. The function of the water level gauge is reflected at this time.

            • 2019-06-19

              Congratulations on the success of the national integration management system!

              From December 4 to December 6, experts from China Institute of Information and Communication Research were entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to visit the company to carry out a three-day evaluation of the implementation of the national integration management system. After reviewing relevant information, checking the scene, interviewing managers'representatives, etc.


            WHY CHOOSE BRIT

            Why choose Brit

            • Energy
            • Seiko
            • standard
            • service
            • Intelligent


            Reasonable use of energy, improve energy efficiency "to equip tomorrow with low-carbon new energy", in order to meet the needs of more customers, promote research and development with sustainable thinking.



            The products are manufactured in strict accordance with national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards. In cooperation with the Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute, we have developed a leading domestic process, from design to final assembly, and the control of each process is strict and orderly.



            Full implementation of the standardized installation process, the construction process is strictly implemented according to the drawings provided by professional designers to ensure the quality of the project and improve the installation standards and level of detail.



            Implement a 24-hour service concept, 400 telephone system electronic dispatch, engineers online remote guidance, and quickly handle user queries.



            Intelligent services, automatic diagnosis, troubleshooting, fault warning, etc., fault information uploading to the cloud, intelligent remote connection and repair

            about us

            about us

            Brit Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

            It is a national high-tech enterprise with Hefei as the marketing center and Anhui Xuancheng as the industrialized manufacturing base. Now it has the qualifications of Class A boiler manufacturing, A2 pressure vessel manufacturing, Class I boiler installation, maintenance, modification and GC Class 2 pressure pipe installation, maintenance and transformation, and has passed the American ASME “S” and “U” stamp certification. ISO 9 0 0 1 Quality Management System, ISO 1 4 0 0 1 Environmental Management System, GB / T 2 8 0 0 1 Occupational Health and Safety Management System


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